Airbrushed Sycamore Platter

Just another one of my Airbrushed articles, made from Sycamore, which has been textured with the Sorby  and the Wagner,Texturing tool, coloured black with Chestnut spirit stain, Gold Gilt cream which is drybrushed. The centre is coloured Yellow, Yellow/Green, then Orange and finally Red, this time finished with Sanding sealer and Acrylic Satin Lacquer. 280mm x 45mm. Inspired by Nick Agar

Sycamore Platter

Further news about this piece, was that it achieved turning of the week on the Woodworkers Institute and the honour of cover on the World of Woodturners.

Screenshot from 2015-11-14 09:40:48

Airbrushed Sycamore Bowl

Airbrushed Sycamore Bowl

The start of a new series of work, this one inspired by Nick Agar`s Viking Sunset Bowl.  Made from Sycamore, textured with the Sorby Spiralling system, coloured with Black, Yellow and Red Spirit stains which are airbrushed onto the timber, then silver gilt cream added to give it the metallic look.

Pedestal Bowl

One of my new works, inspired by the Romans, it is a pedestal bowl, which measures 170mm x 140mm made from Sycamore, which has been textured with the Sorby Spiralling and Texturing system, Black Spirit Stain and then gold gilt cream added to enhance.  This piece also achieved the coveted honour of the Cover of the Day on the World of Woodturners Website.

Textured_Pedestal_BowlScreenshot from 2014-05-25 09:15:37